and .


13:42 Ticket #93 (Implement explicit relative paths to resolve entities) closed by ged
fixed: The TableGenerator feature should go to a separate ticket. I didn't …
13:39 Milestone 0.7.1 completed
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13:25 Changeset [519] by ged

tagging release

13:24 Changeset [518] by ged

release time

10:27 Ticket #102 (No destinction between exceptions in (Global)EntityCollection) created by guest
The EntityCollection in 0.7.0 (and GlobalEntityCollection in trunk) may …


21:40 Changeset [517] by ged

merge all changes from trunk (up to r516)

11:06 Changeset [516] by ged

added tests for custom collection, or custom session on base class (they ...

10:29 Ticket #101 (Overhaul option storage) created by ged
The current solution (setattr) is quite ugly. I see 2 solutions: * a …


14:47 Changeset [515] by ged

- Added a new collection which can resolve entities relative to the ...


21:12 Changeset [514] by ged

remove obsolete comment

21:10 Changeset [513] by ged

- do not leak options_defaults from a subclass into a parent class - do ...

16:21 Changeset [512] by ged

- allows abstract classes to set default options - allow mixed type ...

13:04 Ticket #89 ("abstract" entity option like Abstract base classes feature in Django ORM) closed by ged
fixed: commited in r511. Thanks a lot for the patch and sorry it took so long.
13:02 Changeset [511] by ged

- Entities can now be declared "abstract" so that they do not create a ...

12:56 Changeset [510] by ged

- Fixed having relationships in custom base classes (based on patch

by ...

11:18 Changeset [509] by ged

don't modify entity in EntityDescriptor.init


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