and .


10:42 Changeset [508] by ged

use public accessor introduced in SA 0.5

08:54 Changeset [507] by ged

even more properties... doh!

08:54 Changeset [506] by ged

plug a deprecation warning in ext.associable with SA 0.6


17:19 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
16:59 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
16:27 TutorialDivingIn edited by guest
added some update/delete docs (diff)
14:42 Ticket #70 (Allow multiple using_table_options to set options) closed by ged
fixed: done in r505
14:41 Changeset [505] by ged

- using_options_defaults and using_table_options statements can be used ...

14:32 Ticket #100 (Order by doesn't work with a column defined in a parent class) created by ged
12:28 Ticket #99 (Provide several "option provider") created by ged
eg. […]
11:50 Ticket #98 (zope interface incompatibility in instrument_class) closed by ged
fixed: Looks good. Patch applied in r504. Thanks again for the patch (and for …
11:48 Changeset [504] by ged

- Fixed custom bases classes and versioned extension when used with zope


11:07 Changeset [503] by ged

update release process to include check of API docs

11:03 Ticket #96 (Fix API doc errors) closed by ged
fixed: Workaround for the Apydia 0.0.3/trunk bug is in r499 and ReST markup was …
10:57 Changeset [502] by ged

fix ReST markup so that API docs look good

10:56 Changeset [501] by ged

PEP8 improvements in examples. Not sure it's worth it, since it is so ...

10:55 Changeset [500] by ged

one more old-style decorator busted

10:45 Changeset [499] by ged

workaround a bug in Apydia trunk


15:48 Changeset [498] by ged

fix too long line

15:34 Ticket #98 (zope interface incompatibility in instrument_class) created by guest
This code will fail and show an incompatibility with …


16:02 Changeset [497] by ged

more cleanup after dropping py2.3/SA0.4

15:05 Changeset [496] by ged

minor cleanup of events test

14:57 Changeset [495] by ged

more cleanup thanks to py2.3 & SA 0.4 support drop

14:25 Ticket #97 (Investiguate how to move away from global/default-provided session, ...) created by ged
The migration needs to be fairly painless


10:20 Ticket #96 (Fix API doc errors) created by ged
It seems like there are ReST errors in the API docs: - …
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