and .


16:08 Recipes/SQLAlchemySchemaMigration edited by guest
using global options for metadata and autosetup, added note about table … (diff)
15:53 Ticket #83 (Problems with migrate) created by guest
* migrate creates empty tables when upgrading models with …
15:46 Changeset [437] by ged

fixed shortnames documentation, doh!

15:19 Ticket #82 (Create a recipe for using Elixir with migrate) created by ged
<flupke> hi, I have troubles using elixir with migrate: it creates empty …
03:17 Recipes/PylonsLikeControllerForElixir edited by guest
added some pigments (diff)


23:01 Recipes edited by guest
minor style fix (diff)
23:00 Recipes edited by guest
Added PylonsLikeControllerForElixir here (diff)
22:59 Recipes/PylonsLikeControllerForElixir created by guest
Initial revision (work in progress!)
14:08 Changeset [436] by ged

revert part of the last commit...

14:06 Changeset [435] by ged

simplified EntityCollection code

10:31 Ticket #81 (Evaluate the feasibility to make Field inherit from Column) created by ged
so that specifying Column instances arguments to relationships or mappers …


16:40 Changeset [434] by ged


16:36 Ticket #80 (a skeleton for test units) closed by ged
fixed: Done at in the Recipes page. I've done some changes to your code though. …
16:34 Recipes/Testing created by ged
16:23 Recipes edited by ged
16:04 Ticket #79 (Implement "optimized" loading for Multi-table polymorphic inheritance) closed by ged
fixed: In fact, nothing is needed in 0.5, since it can be provided with a simple …
16:01 Changeset [433] by ged

revert part of previous commit... SA can't possibly compute itself ...

13:45 Changeset [432] by ged

- added test for the with_polymorphic mapper argument (closes #79). - made ...

13:36 Changeset [431] by ged

Fix copyright year. We didn't make any release in 2006...

12:35 Ticket #80 (a skeleton for test units) created by guest
I suggest you to add, in the examples page, a skeleton for test units. It …


13:53 License edited by ged
11:40 Ticket #32 (Allow table name to be overridden on associable tables) closed by ged
wontfix: Closing due to inactivity... Feel free to reopen if you have a working …
11:35 Ticket #79 (Implement "optimized" loading for Multi-table polymorphic inheritance) created by ged
In fact, it's just a matter of providing the join with its on clause, see …
11:34 Changeset [430] by ged

update comment

11:29 Ticket #78 (Relationship matching code with inheritance is flaky in some cases) created by ged
See attached test case
10:56 Ticket #77 (a test for unique=True and duplicated entries) closed by ged
invalid: Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to submit a patch. It's really …
10:50 Changeset [429] by ged

added field with unique=True in field example


17:58 Ticket #77 (a test for unique=True and duplicated entries) created by guest
This is a test for the unique=True attribute and for the insertion of …


17:25 Ticket #76 (Allow ManyToOne created using field= to not add a ForeignKey constraint) created by ged
Maybe this should be the default behavior when the field argument is used.
17:10 Changeset [428] by ged

implemented ManyToOne relationships to plain SA-mapped classes. OneToMany ...

10:01 Migrate05to06 edited by ged
09:57 Migrate05to06 edited by ged


15:59 Ticket #53 (deprecate acts_as_list in favor of the equivalent SA construct) closed by ged
fixed: Deprecation done in r427. I decided not to reimplement act_as_list on top …
15:56 Changeset [427] by ged

- Deprecated act_as_list extension in favor of SQLAlchemy's orderinglist


15:54 Recipes edited by ged
15:48 Recipes edited by ged
15:02 Changeset [426] by ged

- Fixed filter argument on OneToMany relationship leaking the filter to ...

14:35 Changeset [425] by ged

- Added workaround for an odd mod_python behavior (class.module ...

14:22 Changeset [424] by ged

- split test_o2m.test_filter into test_filter and test_orderinglist - ...


17:13 Changeset [423] by ged


17:11 Changeset [422] by ged

delete Elixir properties as late as possible (ie in setup phase), not ...

15:48 Changeset [421] by ged

- moved all relationship options to explicit kwargs, instead of doing



16:46 Changeset [420] by ged

only inspect methods (fixes previous commit)

16:14 Changeset [419] by ged

- Fixed event methods not being called when they are defined on a parent ...

14:46 Ticket #34 (Elixir fails during insert and update on MySQL 5.x when using the list ...) closed by ged
fixed: I've finally decided to commit the patch anyway (r418).
14:45 Changeset [418] by ged

Fix move_to_bottom on MySQL (by issuing an extra query). Fixes #34. Added ...


14:31 Changeset [417] by ged

slightly improved documentation & exception message ...

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