and .


18:17 Changeset [408] by ged

minor cleanups

18:08 Changeset [407] by ged

simplified test

16:51 Changeset [406] by ged

- added documentation for target_column and test for a O2M using a M2O ...

15:00 Ticket #73 (ext.versioned uses uppercase column names on insert to history table) closed by ged
invalid: As far as I know, this would break for people using non lower-case names …
12:18 Ticket #74 (Allow OneToMany without ManyToOne) created by ged
if primaryjoin is specified manually: - OneToMany where the column & FK …
12:00 Changeset [405] by ged

Added a new "target_column" argument on ManyToOne relationships (ticket ...


16:13 Ticket #73 (ext.versioned uses uppercase column names on insert to history table) created by guest
When inserting to the history table of an entity, the versioned plugin …


15:46 Changeset [404] by ged

Catch up with recent changes (including one important feature which ...

15:39 Changeset [403] by ged

- Moved all methods of the "Entity" base class, to the "EntityBase" class, ...

15:33 Changeset [402] by ged

removed unused import

15:32 Changeset [401] by ged

- fixed bug with the new "schema" argument on ManyToMany relationships (I ...


07:55 Ticket #72 (Partial application causes exception) created by guest
07:51 Ticket #71 (Property on primary key causes exception) created by guest


13:25 Goodies edited by guest


15:24 Ticket #70 (Allow multiple using_table_options to set options) created by ged
> I have a two unique constraints on a table but I only one of them …
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