and .


11:43 Ticket #67 (Support for Applicationspecific configurable Entity base classes) closed by ged
fixed: done in r400.
11:40 Ticket #44 (Provide an option for ManyToMany relationships to not create a table) closed by ged
fixed: done in r397.
11:40 Ticket #19 (Ordering of fields in a bidirectional ManyToMany self-referential ...) closed by ged
fixed: fixed in r397, but see follow-up ticket #69.


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17:56 Changeset [400] by ged

- Added a new statement 'using_options_defaults' which can be used

on a ...

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Example to show how to use topology.py.
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Unit test cases for topology.py
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17:24 Changeset [399] by ged

remove debug print

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17:21 Changeset [398] by ged

move the default collection class to a separate file

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17:32 Changeset [397] by ged

New features: - The local_colname and remote_colname arguments on ...

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fix small spelling mistake (diff)
17:18 Ticket #69 (Make bidirectional self-referential ManyToMany relationships' meaning ...) created by ged
As a followup to ticket #19, we should make bidirectional self-referential …
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16:09 Ticket #68 (Implement filter on ManyToMany relationships) created by ged
should simply add criteria to secondaryjoin
15:38 Migrate06to07 created by ged
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22:05 Ticket #67 (Support for Applicationspecific configurable Entity base classes) created by guest
i need application-specific session/metadata setups for my apps on regular …
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18:48 Changeset [396] by ged

retag release

18:48 Changeset [395] by ged

fix encrypted extension for on_reconstitute renamed

18:46 Changeset [394] by ged

let's try that again

18:42 Changeset [393] by ged

tag release

18:41 Changeset [392] by ged

update changelog, prepare for release

18:32 Changeset [391] by ged

follow SA on the rename of on_reconstitute to reconstructor in SA0.5 ...

13:21 Ticket #66 (Output all SA operations to the debugging logger) created by ged
So that the output of that logger can be used as-is (or almost as-is) as …
13:17 Ticket #65 (Add a proper logger for debug prints and other info) created by ged
12:30 model.py attached to TutorialDivingIn by ged
12:28 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
fix Unicode with no length warning (diff)
10:25 Ticket #64 (Pass a dictionany to pickle field cause error) closed by ged
fixed: By the way, if you don't want to use subversion's trunk or wait for the …
10:06 Changeset [390] by ged

let's try to avoid a messed-up release like 0.6


08:19 Ticket #64 (Pass a dictionany to pickle field cause error) created by guest
I found that once I pass a dictionary object to a pickle field, it cause a …


15:50 Ticket #63 (A simple OneToOne relation doesn't work) closed by ged
invalid: This is not a bug and is the normal behavior. A OneToOne relationship …
05:39 Ticket #63 (A simple OneToOne relation doesn't work) created by guest
Elixir 0.6.0: […]


10:30 Changeset [389] by ged

More helpful assertion message when inverse relationship types don't ...


11:51 Changeset [388] by ged

add comment

10:50 Ticket #62 (Elixir doesn't support relationships with several inverses (can happen ...) created by guest
If we have base class A with a relation to class B, and a sub-class C, …


12:21 Changeset [387] by ged

let's try to remember to update trac


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17:21 Changeset [386] by ged


17:19 Changeset [385] by ged

fix missing key in exception message

12:36 Ticket #39 (Error when flushing object who's property name matches the column name) closed by ged
fixed: field_param_doc.patch applied (with wording changes) in r384, thanks. in …
12:26 Changeset [384] by ged

add documentation for the "field" argument to ManyToOne, and added ...

10:52 Changeset [383] by ged

removed support for the deprecated with_fields syntax

04:37 Ticket #61 (Migrate is broken with elixir 0.6.0) created by guest
I had migrate scripts that worked with Elixir 0.5.2 and they don' t …


10:48 Changeset [382] by ged

- extra args and kwargs to Synonym and ColumnProperty are forwarded to ...


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