and .


15:45 Ticket #49 (Add support for running the test suite on another DB and/or schema) created by ged
> Do you see any chance of making the tests run against a configurable …
15:35 Changeset [347] by ged

removed trailing spaces

12:42 Ticket #48 (ManyToMany doesn't respect schema declarations in entities) closed by ged
fixed: fixed in r345/r346.
12:40 Changeset [346] by ged

tweak and log last change

12:35 Changeset [345] by ged

Fixed ManyToMany relationships when not using the default schema (patch ...

12:17 Changeset [344] by ged

We can use the less verbose syntax now

12:16 Changeset [343] by ged

Some cleanup to the target/collection stuff... Still need some work to get ...

12:05 Ticket #48 (ManyToMany doesn't respect schema declarations in entities) created by guest
The subject pretty much says it. I created the attached patch. I tried to …


18:37 Changeset [342] by ged

- remove deprecated methods on Entity - pulled entity mapping and target ...


17:55 Changeset [341] by ged

misc cleanup

17:36 Changeset [340] by ged

fix encrypted extension on SA0.5


23:41 Ticket #47 (Entity.set to/from_dict) created by guest
Reposted from discussion …
18:40 Changeset [339] by ged

log change

18:35 Changeset [338] by ged

* Added setattr method on Metaclass so that you can add properties


17:34 Changeset [337] by ged

fix to_dict on SA 0.5

17:12 Changeset [336] by ged

update Elixir to work with SA0.5


19:51 Ticket #46 (Need to better document full module spec on relationships) created by guest
We need to better highlight in the documentation the need to supply a full …


16:55 Changeset [335] by cleverdevil

The to_dict method on Entity was not looking for columns in the case ...

09:04 Ticket #45 (Document AssociationProxy use) created by ged


15:19 Changeset [334] by ged

add missing import

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