and .


03:33 Ticket #32 (Allow table name to be overridden on associable tables) created by guest
Playing around with the associable extension, I noticed it defaults to …


16:52 Changeset [306] by ged


16:41 News edited by ged
16:28 Changeset [305] by ged

tagging release

16:26 Changeset [304] by ged
  • update copyright notice for 2008
  • prepare for release
15:57 Changeset [303] by ged
  • Added an alternate (nicer) syntax to define synonym properties. This ...
14:30 Changeset [302] by ged
  • Fixed the inverse relationship matching when the inverse relationship ...


13:49 Changeset [301] by ged

updated changelog

13:25 Changeset [300] by ged

The foreign key constraint of the column in a multi-table inheritance ...

10:31 Changeset [299] by ged
  • moved the format of the multi-table inheritance column to a constant in ...
10:13 Ticket #31 (Videostore example fails - Mapper not loaded) closed by ged
fixed: Thanks for the detailed bugreport and the patch. Applied in r298. Could …
10:11 Changeset [298] by ged
  • applied patch from Jason R. Coombs to fix videostore example
  • ...
00:20 Changeset [297] by cleverdevil

Added a column_format keyword argument to ManyToMany which can be used ...


16:35 Ticket #31 (Videostore example fails - Mapper not loaded) created by guest
When using Turbogears, SQLAlchemy 0.4.2p3, and Elixir 0.5.0 or …
10:32 Ticket #30 (define an inverse relationship on one side only) closed by ged
wontfix: Indeed, it doesn't create an entry in ..._descriptor.relationships but …


04:36 Ticket #30 (define an inverse relationship on one side only) reopened by guest
being happy there is a solution to my need, i've tried backref, but got …


12:14 Changeset [296] by ged

more version bump

12:12 Changeset [295] by ged

- applied part of a patch from Ben Bangert so that passing ...


14:53 Changeset [294] by ged

document polymorphic="col_name" feature.


13:55 Ticket #30 (define an inverse relationship on one side only) closed by ged
worksforme: As far as I understand what you want to do, this is already possible using …


01:33 Ticket #30 (define an inverse relationship on one side only) created by guest
i'm using an identity model module from a third party, having, among …


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17:15 Changeset [293] by cleverdevil

Now you can specify a column name for the position column in ...


20:38 Changeset [292] by cleverdevil

Support compound primary keys in acts_as_list.

20:34 Changeset [291] by cleverdevil

I accidentally pluralized the elixir.ext.list module name in setup.cfg. ...

20:31 Changeset [290] by cleverdevil

Adding the lists plugin to the setup.cfg so that its included in the ...

20:24 Changeset [289] by cleverdevil

Fixed several documentation errors in the acts_as_list extension.

20:20 Changeset [288] by cleverdevil

Added a new elixir plugin for managing entities as lists, including ...

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