and .


12:22 Changeset [284] by ged
  • added support for custom base classes which inherit from another class ...
11:58 Changeset [283] by ged

changed statement processing slightly so that a child entity doesn't ...


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18:03 Changeset [282] by ged

change tag_build to "dev" (instead of ".dev") as it seems to be the ...

16:04 Changeset [281] by ged

update howto, so that I don't forget to update one version instance next ...


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Link to tutorial and examples page (diff)


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08:38 Changeset [280] by joshua

Updating Apydia configuration to point to the 0.5.0 sources.

01:43 Ticket #27 (a version 0.3.0 schema that hasn't survived 0.4.0 upgrade) created by guest
i have a model made for elixir 0.3.0, which won't be loaded with …
01:33 Ticket #26 (establish onetomany on unique, non primarykey, index) created by guest
i would like to establish the one side of an onetomany relationship on a …
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Adding multiple database page link (diff)
16:24 Ticket #25 (entity.EntityDescriptor.__init__ uses issubclass(base, Entity) instead of ...) closed by ged
fixed: fixed in r279, thanks for the catch.
16:24 Changeset [279] by ged
  • make inheritance work for custom base classes (closes #25).
  • remove ...
14:06 Ticket #25 (entity.EntityDescriptor.__init__ uses issubclass(base, Entity) instead of ...) created by guest
so I can only use inheritance with the provided Entity class - might …


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18:45 Changeset [278] by ged

tagging release

18:43 Changeset [277] by ged

update CHANGES and version numbers

18:16 Changeset [276] by ged

fix doc


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18:33 Ticket #24 (Elixir's autosetup breaks with SQLAlchemy's trunk) closed by ged
fixed: fixed (at least partly -- see commit log) in r275
17:36 Changeset [275] by ged
  • polymorphic defaults to True ! (Mickael Bayer convinced me that ...
10:36 Changeset [274] by ged

Fixed associable to work with SQLAlchemy trunk (future 0.4.2).

09:37 Ticket #24 (Elixir's autosetup breaks with SQLAlchemy's trunk) created by ged
09:34 Ticket #23 (Multi-PK tests) closed by ged
fixed: I'm truly sorry but those tests already existed in other files. I left …
09:28 Changeset [273] by ged

removed empty test file. The selfref tests are in test_o2m & test_m2m.


18:56 Changeset [272] by ged

fixed test to not use the "foreign_key" col attribute which doesn't ...

18:37 Changeset [271] by ged

- changed all Unicode fields to String since we don't send unicode data ...

16:56 Ticket #23 (Multi-PK tests) created by guest
School's starting to wind down to I updated my Elixir trunk and took a …


14:07 Changeset [270] by joshua

Adding a apydia configuration-section to setup.cfg, now that it has been ...

09:15 Changeset [269] by ged

- the columns created by ManyToOne relationships create an index by ...


10:13 Recipes/FixAutoloadSequences created by ged
10:11 Recipes created by ged
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