and .


10:40 Ticket #19 (Ordering of fields in a bidirectional ManyToMany self-referential ...) created by guest
In the current implementation, the ordering of fields in a bidirectional …


16:39 Changeset [262] by cleverdevil

There is a conflict between zope.interface and elixir that causes using ...

10:21 Ticket #18 (test and example files installed in site-packages by default) closed by ged
fixed: Thanks. Applied. Btw: congrats for the quick reaction time to the release.
10:20 Changeset [261] by ged

do not install tests and examples in site-packages (patch from and closes ...


23:18 Ticket #18 (test and example files installed in site-packages by default) created by guest
a tiny patch, but made my Debian package a little bit cleaner: […]
18:34 Changeset [260] by ged

update release howto

15:44 Documentation edited by ged
15:34 BehindTheScene edited by guest
fixed bullet list formatting (needed to indent) (diff)
14:27 Changeset [259] by ged

tagging once more

14:26 News edited by ged
12:32 Changeset [258] by ged

one more time

12:31 Changeset [257] by ged

- update one more instance of the description - remove all references to ...

12:16 Changeset [256] by ged

retag release

12:16 Changeset [255] by ged

let's redo the release with removed docs and updated description

12:15 Changeset [254] by ged

- removed FAQ (the wiki is its new home) - updated Elixir description

12:13 WikiStart edited by ged
11:37 Changeset [253] by ged

updated TODO

11:35 Changeset [252] by ged

removed docs directory as they are out of date anyway

11:19 Changeset [251] by ged

tag 0.4 release

11:18 Changeset [250] by ged

let's release

11:00 Changeset [249] by ged

implemented new option: allowcoloverride

10:25 Milestone 0.4 completed

The 0.4 release of Elixir:

  • SQLAlchemy 0.4 support.
  • Moving away ...
09:54 Goodies edited by ged
09:54 Goodies created by ged
09:44 Documentation edited by ged


21:12 WikiStart edited by cleverdevil
Updating the front page. (diff)
21:06 Changeset [248] by cleverdevil

After reviewing the existing docstrings, clarifying the main docstring to ...


14:56 FAQ edited by ged
14:55 FAQ03 created by ged
14:55 Documentation edited by ged
14:51 Ticket #11 (Since revision 221, dropping all tables can occasionally cause an ...) closed by ged
fixed: should be fixed now, thanks for the test case.
14:50 Changeset [247] by ged

revert that innocent-looking change from r244 which broke inheritance

14:42 Changeset [246] by ged

added test for drop/create etc... for ticket #11 (already fixed in r244)

12:01 Changeset [245] by ged

made all tests work even if we changed autosetup to default to False. That ...

11:59 Changeset [244] by ged

- added some comments/fixed some other comments - made trigger test ...


21:26 Ticket #11 (Since revision 221, dropping all tables can occasionally cause an ...) reopened by guest
Sorry, I just had a look at this ticket, to see that you responded. Trac …
10:16 Documentation edited by ged
10:14 BehindTheScene edited by ged
10:08 Ticket #17 (deferred causes exception when flushing) closed by ged
10:07 Changeset [243] by ged

- added test for deferred fields courtesy of Isaac Csandl - tweaked setup ...


20:11 Ticket #17 (deferred causes exception when flushing) created by guest
Here's an example that demonstrates: ebug.py: […]
16:59 BehindTheScene edited by ged
16:59 BehindTheScene edited by ged
16:30 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
16:29 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
15:31 Changeset [242] by ged

updated CHANGES

14:52 Migrate03to04 edited by ged
14:46 migrate.sh attached to Migrate03to04 by ged
Migration script from statement-based (using has_field) syntax to attribute-based syntax.
14:39 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
12:02 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
09:46 Ticket #14 (test case for a relation from an SA-mapped class to an Elixir entity) closed by ged
fixed: done in r241
09:46 Changeset [241] by ged

added test for sa integration

09:44 Examples03 edited by ged
09:43 Examples edited by ged
09:42 Examples03 created by ged
09:41 Documentation edited by ged
09:40 Examples edited by ged
09:40 Examples created by ged
03:34 Contact edited by joshua


20:41 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
20:39 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
20:37 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
19:09 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
still work in progress (diff)
18:21 Ticket #16 (Allow overriding names of constraints for relationships) closed by ged
fixed: Thanks for the patch whoever you are :). It's committed in r240.
18:20 Changeset [240] by ged

- Added the possibility to give a custom name for ManyToOne constraints


17:55 Ticket #16 (Allow overriding names of constraints for relationships) created by guest
Some databases (e.g. Oracle) don't like long identifiers. To cope with …
16:30 Changeset [239] by ged

moved a bunch of TODO to trac tickets

16:24 Ticket #15 (Support "abstract" classes) created by ged
ie classes which do not generate a table or mapper for themselves, but …
16:17 Ticket #14 (test case for a relation from an SA-mapped class to an Elixir entity) created by ged
add a test case for a relation from an SA-mapped class to an Elixir Entity …
16:16 Ticket #13 (elixir on arbitrary selects) created by ged
Shouldn't be hard... cfr http://www.sqlalchemy.org/trac/ticket/502
16:14 Ticket #12 (relation to an SA-mapped class) created by ged
make it possible to make a relation to an SA-mapped class. it'll be …
16:11 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
Work in progress (diff)
14:06 Changeset [238] by ged

- added support for synonym properties (on Field) - updated TODO

12:19 Documentation edited by ged
12:18 Contribute created by ged
11:58 Documentation edited by ged
11:48 Changeset [237] by ged

added stub methods on EntityBuilder

11:41 Changeset [236] by ged

- migrate to attribute-based syntax in all examples and documentation. - ...


17:23 Changeset [235] by ged

more reorg

17:22 Changeset [234] by ged

converted most tests to the attribute syntax + reorganized tests around

16:10 Changeset [233] by ged


16:09 Changeset [232] by ged

more test reorg

14:41 Changeset [231] by ged


14:36 Changeset [230] by ged

more rename

14:34 Changeset [229] by ged


14:29 Changeset [228] by ged

merge all tests for fields definition into one test file

14:19 Changeset [227] by ged

rename test_movies to test_fields

10:48 Changeset [226] by ged

fix typo

10:46 Ticket #5 (Move away from the objectstore name) closed by ged
fixed: done in r225
10:45 Changeset [225] by ged

Move away from objectstore to session:

find -name "*.py" -exec sed -i ...

10:38 Changeset [224] by ged

we are moving from pudge to apydia:

find -name "*.py" -exec sed -i ...

10:27 Changeset [223] by ged

enable syntax hilighting for python code in docstrings


19:07 TutorialDivingIn03 edited by guest
Some edits and additions to add links to the API docs, etc (diff)


18:21 BehindTheScene created by ged
18:15 Documentation edited by ged
18:00 Migrate03to04 edited by ged
17:39 Migrate03to04 created by ged
15:44 TutorialDivingIn edited by ged
15:28 TutorialDivingIn03 created by ged
15:27 Documentation edited by ged
14:34 Documentation edited by ged
14:27 Documentation edited by ged
13:57 Tutorials edited by ged
11:14 Ticket #2 (create_keys, ... should be statement hooks like any other) closed by ged
fixed: done in r221
11:14 Ticket #1 (Make it possible to setup only a subset of declared entities) closed by ged
11:13 Ticket #11 (Since revision 221, dropping all tables can occasionally cause an ...) closed by ged
fixed: I've fixed a bunch of pretty bad bugs in r222 which are related to what …
11:10 Changeset [222] by ged
  • fixed some pretty bad bugs:
    • calling cleanup_all before your ...
01:22 Ticket #11 (Since revision 221, dropping all tables can occasionally cause an ...) created by guest
I haven't looked very deeply into this problem yet, but if you need more …


19:05 Changeset [221] by ged

- added the possibility to not have the autosetup triggers installer (use ...


17:11 TutorialDivingIn edited by guest
new API docs again! (diff)
17:08 Documentation edited by guest
link to the new and improved API docs (diff)


14:48 Changeset [220] by ged

fix comment


01:05 Ticket #10 (Implement concrete-table polymorphic inheritance) created by guest
Hello, for greater projects some people needs the polymorphic inheritance …


23:07 News edited by joshua


11:55 Changeset [219] by ged

Fail explicitely if something go wrong when mapping a class. This should ...

09:49 Changeset [218] by ged
  • Applied patch from Stou Sandalski to add an "ignore" option to the



11:16 Changeset [217] by ged

minor cleanup as per a suggestion by Stou Sandalski

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