and .


18:31 Changeset [216] by ged

added query to the attributes triggering the setup_all call

18:28 Changeset [215] by ged

rename to make more sense

12:22 Changeset [214] by ged

next try

11:51 Changeset [213] by ged

Fix missing import + now event handlers can stop further processing ...

11:10 Changeset [212] by ged
  • made events methods compatible with using other extensions (namely ...


15:48 Ticket #7 (scoped_session() rather than SessionContext) closed by ged
fixed: This should be fixed now (as of r210). I used:[…]
15:44 Ticket #3 (Fix the objectstore VS TurboGears issue) closed by ged
fixed: should be fixed in r210
15:43 Ticket #4 (Move away from assign_mapper) closed by ged
fixed: done in r210
15:42 Changeset [211] by ged

changelog the last changes + reordered changelog

15:41 Changeset [210] by ged
  • moved away from assign_mapper, now all assign_mapper-provided methods ...
10:27 Changeset [209] by ged

Fix get method

07:23 Changeset [208] by bbangert

Updated version test to reflect new version amounts.

02:37 Changeset [207] by bbangert

Prior version update didn't actually fix updates. This time we fully check ...

00:07 Changeset [206] by bbangert

- Fixed bug in versioning that could cause repeat inserts of duplicates ...


12:14 Ticket #9 (Enhance target resolving code to cope with more situations) created by ged
handle cases like: from modules import a as x ... of_kind='x.c.A'
02:22 Changeset [205] by bbangert

- Implemented ondelete/onupdate options for use with ...


19:01 Ticket #8 (Add a get() method to Entity) closed by guest
18:58 Changeset [204] by ged

- added get class method on Entity. - partly ...


19:10 Ticket #8 (Add a get() method to Entity) created by guest
The fact that Entity doesn't have a get method causes problems with …


11:40 Ticket #7 (scoped_session() rather than SessionContext) created by guest
In SQLAlchemy 0.4 (svn r3498) the use of SessionContext in …


11:14 Changeset [203] by ged

put back tag_build and tag_svn_revision in setup.cfg so that people can ...


10:43 Ticket #6 (Improve the documentation) created by ged
- update the tutorial - add way more explanation of what happens behind …
10:39 Ticket #5 (Move away from the objectstore name) created by ged
I guess we'll need to keep the objectstore name as deprecated.
10:38 Ticket #4 (Move away from assign_mapper) created by ged
provide all query and session methods provided by assign_mapper on the …
10:35 Ticket #3 (Fix the objectstore VS TurboGears issue) created by ged
10:31 Ticket #2 (create_keys, ... should be statement hooks like any other) created by ged
And the associable ext should make use of them.
10:28 Ticket #1 (Make it possible to setup only a subset of declared entities) created by ged
10:10 Changeset [202] by ged
  • plugged a couple deprecated warnings with SA 0.4, but making sure that ...


12:21 Changeset [201] by ged

made encrypted extension work with both version 0.3 and 0.4 of SA


16:27 Changeset [200] by ged


15:55 Changeset [199] by ged
  • Added test for the case when you refer to a remotely-defined class by ...
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11:22 Changeset [198] by ged

Added onupdate kwarg to BelongsTo relationships for consistency with ...

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