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Opened 5 years ago

Elixir 0.7.1 incompatible with Oracle due to lack of Sequence on Primary Key

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Component: core Version: 0.7.1
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Elixir is incompatible with Oracle (tested due to Elixir's lack of support for sequence-based primary keys which Oracle requires.

This can be fixed by modifying entity.py around line 228 as follows, to add a Sequence to the primary key:

           elif not self.has_pk and self.auto_primarykey:
                print "debug autokey"
                if isinstance(self.auto_primarykey, basestring):
                    colname = self.auto_primarykey
                    colname = options.DEFAULT_AUTO_PRIMARYKEY_NAME
                seq_name = "%s_%s_%s" % (self.tablename, colname, "seq")
                    Column(colname, options.DEFAULT_AUTO_PRIMARYKEY_TYPE, Sequence(seq_name),
        self._pk_col_done = True

I have confirmed that this fix works. However, it's likely incomplete as the code above this area in create_pk_cols() probably needs to be changed in similar fashion, to handle the cases where a primary key exists or auto_primarykey is false. I have not tested those code paths.

This requirement is documented in detail in the SQLAlchemy documentation here:


It may be best to add an optional=True argument so that the Sequence is not used on databases that do not require it.

I believe that this bug may also impact Firebird as well but I do not have Firebird set up to confirm it.

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