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    r266 r277  
    1 0.4.1 
    2 - moved some format strings to constants in options 
    3 - added set method on base Entity (set attributes using kwargs) 
    4 - fixed an incompatibility with zope.interfaces 
     10.5.0 - 2007-12-08 
     3Please see for detailed  
     4upgrade notes. 
     6New features: 
     7- Added set method on base Entity (set attributes using kwargs) 
     10- Autosetup defaults to False ! (please look at those upgrade notes!) 
     11- Polymorphic defaults to True (inheritance is polymorphic by default). 
     12- Removed one of the autosetup triggers altogether: there is no "fake" mapper 
     13  registered in SQLAlchemy's mapper_registry anymore, so if you try to 
     14  access the class mapper directly (not through the 'mapper' attribute on 
     15  the class), before the setup phase happens, it won't work. This was done 
     16  because of a change in SQLAlchemy trunk (future SA 0.4.2) which broke that 
     17  piece of code (and prevented to use autosetup at all). Since that code  
     18  was a hack in the first place, instead of doing some even uglier hackery,  
     19  I got rid of it altogether. 
     20- Moved some format strings to constants in options, so that one can change 
     21  them if he wants to. 
     22- Allow overriding primary_key columns on autoloaded entities (closes tickets 
     23  #20 and #22) 
     24- Columns created by ManyToOne relationships can now optionally (through  
     25  column_kwargs) *not* create an index (ie it's not harcoded anymore). 
     26  Suggestion by Jason R. Coombs. 
     28Bug fixes: 
     29- Fixed a nasty bug which prevented inheritance to work correctly when using  
     30  the attribute syntax in many cases. 
     31- Fixed associable extension to work with SQLAlchemy trunk (future 0.4.2). 
     32- Fixed an incompatibility with zope.interfaces. 
     33- Tweaked the initialization sequence again (in fact revert an older change) 
     34  which prevented to reuse class properties of one class in other (subsequent) 
     35  classes. 
     36- Fixed our tests to work with SA trunk (future 0.4.2) (unicode data + use of  
     37  deprecated attributes) 
    6390.4.0 - 2007-10-29